Thermal water, massage and benefit tratments: the most beautiful parkon the island

Negombo Thermal Park

Located in the bay of San Montano, the thermal park Negombo is surrounded by unspoilt nature, with the presence of tropical plants and flowers. There are thermal waters of various types and temperatures, namely:

  • Japanese pool named Irrangalternating hot and cold water while walking on the classic pebbles that favor the massage of the feet
  • Maya is another typical path of the thermal park Negombo, ideal for improving the circulation thanks to the thermal shock of the water
  • The tub Templarecomposed of thermal shower that massage the body at a temperature of 30 degrees ideal for combating cervical pain

If you decide to take a visit to the park, you can buy tickets - no price changed - at the reception of our hotel.

Fees available on officiale website :

Poseidon Thermal Park

One of the oldest of Ischia, is also accessible through the funicular through which you can admire the park from above. Oasis of peace and serenity, perfect environment for those who want to pull the plug, surrounded by greenery and with private beach equipped and equipped with different dining options. The view from this beautiful spa is incredible.

There are Ten thermal poolswith water temperature between 30 and 40 degrees, with very special features that distinguish them from all other pools on the island, the Olympic pool filled with sea water. Possibility to book relaxing massages, mud and beauty treatments. Complete the rich menu of spa park services the Spa, the Turkish bath, two kneipp paths a beautiful spa. There are of course also restaurants and bars that offer tasty dishes of the island of Ischia.